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Title: Analytical Description of Degradation-Relaxation Transformations in Nanoinhomogeneous Spinel Ceramics
Authors: Shpotyuk, O.
Brunner, M.
Hadzaman, I.
Balitska, V.
Klym, H.
Keywords: nanoinhomogeneity, Relaxation, Stretched-Exponential, Compressed-Exponential, Kinetics, Spinel
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Nanpscale Research Letter, 2016, 11:499 DOI 10.1186/s 11671-016-1722-0
Abstract: Mathematical models of degradation-relaxation kinetics are considered for jammed thick-film systems composed of screen-printed spinel Cu0.1Ni0.1Co1.6Mn1.2O4 and conductive Ag or Ag-Pd alloys.
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