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Title: Residual Stresses Formed by Vibration-Centrifugal Hardening
Other Titles: Residual Stresses Formed by Vibration-Centrifugal Hardening
Authors: Кирилів, Ярослав Богданович
Кирилів, Володимир Іванович
Сас, Наталія Богданівна
Дутка, Володимир Романович
Issue Date: 14-Mar-2020
Publisher: Hindawi
Citation: Y. Kyryliv, V. Kyryliv, N. Sas, and V. Dutka, “Residual Stresses Formed by Vibration-Centrifugal Hardening,” Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, vol. 2020, Article ID 5189473, 7 pages, 2020.
Series/Report no.: Advances in Materials Science and Engineering;5189473
Abstract: The residual stresses of the first kind, which are formed by vibration-centrifugal hardening, are calculated. These are shown to increase in the hardened layer with increasing processing time and the weight of the hardening tool. The residual compressive stresses in the hardened layer after vibration-centrifugal hardening for optimal parameters reach maximum values: circular stresses up to σmax cir = 1600 MPa and radial stresses up to σr = 290 MPa. Their correlation with surface microhardness is shown.
ISSN: 1687-8434
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