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Title: Graphic representation of the multikinds of the complex space K4
Authors: Мартин, Євген Володимирович
Keywords: complex space, multivariate surfaces, grapho-analytical display
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: 10-та Всесвітня конференція з геометрії та графіки. – К.:КНУБА
Citation: Gumen M.S., Martyn E.V., Renkas A.G. Graphic representation of the multikinds of the complex space K4. // 10-та Всесвітня конференція з геометрії та графіки. – К.:КНУБА, 2002. – Том 1. – С. 149 - 151.
Abstract: For display of functional dependence of two appropriate validity replaceable orthogonal and oblique-angled coordinate systems in a bidimentional plane are used. Coordinate systems of three-dimensional spaces serve for formation of dependences of three replaceable parameters as lines and surfaces. Use of complex numbers allows to form spaces with measurements of the mental and appropriate validity of compound these numbers. It is offered for display of dependence of complex replaceable parameters to use multivariate spaces Kn. Formation of such spaces possible at an arrangement of complex planes of function and its argument mutually ortogonaly or under an any corner. Thus as a basic element the model of complex number submitted in rectangular or oblique-angled system of coordinates serves grapho-analytical.
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